Technology is a word that describes something that doesn’t work yet

Technology is the utility of science-based knowledge and its application to the practical goals of every human life and it is also said that technology is the main key to the change in the environment of the human.

Construction technology

Construction is basically the gathering of innovative tools, machinery, software, etc. and these are used throughout the development of a project that indicates advancement in the construction field in many ways. BIM is a   3-D architecture process, to manage buildings and infrastructure.

Transportation technology

Decades ago, traveling 10Km was very tough, but with the advent of technology it’s become very easy in moving from one place to another, it also carries their luggage. Shipping Industry is the biggest achievements in transportation. Some of the amazing transportation technologies include. Electric vehicles are now taking place of petrol vehicles and it is environmentally friendly.

Grow Article technology

Education and technology

 Distance education is becoming very easy today. Through the internet, every student has his id in the Institution portal in which he accesses his/her academic activities. Students share their Assignments via G-mail and WhatsApp. Recently in 2017, US people avail themselves almost 77% of online learning, but about 98% decided to incorporate it in their program by 2020. In 2017, 67% of US companies get learning opportunities using a smartphone

Energy Technology

Energy and power technology is naturally associative and has important progress is constructing in such fields having a range from process engineering. It includes conversion of biomass and burning  and  in electrical engineering, This includes conversion of power and making  smart grids) to materials science. It includes the generation of photovoltaic devices, batteries, and fuel-cell batteries. U.S. wind capacity increased by 166% between 2010 and 2020, annually about 10% increases.  In electricity production by wind turbines.

Communication technology:

Technology related to Communication is becoming an important part of our daily life and it comprises of   Internet, E-mail, mobile phone, and video-based communication. Social media is increasing day by day and it consists of media broad amount of websites and applications. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Twitter, and within a few seconds we can convey our messages. Communication specialists in the department manage technical systems of communication.

Manufacturing Technology

Smart factories provide an automatic guided environment by connected systems that can provide efficient results. Manufacturers did very well to utilize them and overcome the challenges in a technical way.


Bio-Related Technology includes practically applied mechanical devices, a variety of materials because of some micro-organisms in order to enhance health and give sympathy relationship between the environment and humans. But it also includes some devices related to this technology and their impact on living organisms. There are some examples of Medical Biotechnology and it includes, Vaccines to strengthen the immune system. It also includes antibiotics, bio removal, fermentation, biocatalyst, plant, and animal breeding. Read More…

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